A letter to local Jewish congregations

St. Mary's Vestry wants you to know that the following statement was sent in letters to all the local Jewish congregations.

Dear Members of [congregation name here] Congregation,

The vestry and clergy of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church want you to know that our parish community stands in solidarity with you in the face of increasing acts of anti-Semitism. The killing of congregants at the Tree of Life Synagogue last month was the latest and most horrific example of a disturbing pattern of attacks on Jews.

As Christians, we carry the burden of knowing that the church historically incited anti-Semitism in the name of Christianity. It is our sacred duty to teach ourselves and our children this history, so that the scourge of anti-Semitism can be opposed at every turn.

We pledge to educate ourselves about anti-Semitism in particular and to oppose hate speech in general. Such speech becomes fertile ground for resuscitating ancient hatreds. We pledge to publicly announce this commitment through our website and other avenues and to raise the issue with other Christian churches to develop a more united response.

We join you in sorrow and stand with you in hope.

In peace,