Christian Leadership: Being Open to the Sacred

Small groups can make a large church smaller and more personal. Many of us experience St. Mary’s as a warm and friendly church, and we are also looking for safe places to be more fully ourselves. We want a deeper connection with God and at the same time, with other people.

There are as many kinds of small groups as there are kinds of people, and humans look for ways to share in so many ways. I’ve often marveled how a group of strangers spontaneously searches for the things they have in common, even if they have to stretch in very odd ways. “I see you like potatoes.” And they can talk animatedly for some time about all their experiences with potatoes.

For a small group to last longer than a church supper table, it needs only two things: a desire to meet, and a leader.

A leader is a person who helps a group of people achieve an agreed-upon goal by sticking to its own guidelines. A group might want to meet for a few weeks, or a year. They might want to talk about their experiences with the Divine, their struggles with parenting, a book, or how to end global warming. A leader helps create a safe place for this to happen.

Part of Christian leadership is being willing yourself to be open to the Sacredness of everything. Another part is giving people permission to welcome the Sacredness INTO everything, outside of church and liturgy. To welcome the Sacred into our struggles and daily lives.

Do you feel a desire to open to God and to give others permission to do the same? Join us for our leadership training and support group, Sunday, September 16, 4-6 PM in the Guild Room.

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