Why Leaders Need Support: Small Group Leadership Support Groups

At St. Mary’s Episcopal Church we would like to have a small group available to anyone who would like one. Small groups are places where people practice listening to God and to each other. Small groups can provide safety and closeness that makes our community life together more meaningful. Sunday worship gains a whole new level of joy when you see your group members sitting in the pew opposite.

I believe God rejoices when we grow closer.

What small group would you love to be a part of? Have you longed for a small group but did not know how to get one going? Perhaps you are experiencing a call to lead one.

Leadership is what makes things happen, including small groups. Most people do not think of themselves as leaders, or have been leaders in the past and had a bad experience, perhaps feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

Whether you are an experienced leader or not, you will benefit from on-going leadership training and support, because leadership skills can make everything in your life go better.

Leaders and leaders-in-training will be meeting roughly every month at St. Mary’s. These leaders’ support groups are open to anyone who

· already functions as a leader

· wants to start a small group, or

· wants to support existing leadership.

I have been training and supporting developing leaders for over 40 years, and I enjoy it tremendously.

Please join us!

Sunday, July 29, 4 to 6 PM, Guild Room

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at christine@saint-marys.org