Observing a Holy Lent

Lent is a journey we take every year with Christ through the wilderness. Traditionally, Lent has been a time to prepare for Easter by extra prayer, self-examination, self-denial, study, and acts of charity. Many have simplified this by saying that in Lent we give up and we take on. Through giving up, we open space for God within us; through taking on, we invite God in.
Deepen your faith this Lent by adopting a practice for the season.

Some Suggestions

Taking on
• Read a book of the Bible
• Pray Anglican Prayer Beads
• Start a routine of daily prayer
• Serve at the Saturday Breakfast
• Knit a prayer shawl
• Read a book from our church library
• Walk St. Mary's labyrinth

Giving up
• Give up meat, chocolate, dessert, or something else that you love
• Make your own lunch every day/Don’t eat out
• Give up your car – Use bike or bus
• Don’t use the internet from 8 PM – 8 AM
• Turn the lights off for an hour every night
• Collect loose change in a mite box