Pastoral Care

PrayerBreath Yoga
Mondays 9:15-10:30 AM & Fridays 1:30-2:45 PM

PrayerBreath Yoga is taught by Loren Mohler, a certified Yoga Alliance instructor and St. Mary’s parishioner, and utilizes prayer as an effective and enjoyable tool for staying with the breath in order to still the mind. God asks us to: “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:11a) If you have ever tried to do this, then you know it is easier said than done.

Participants are asked to arrive 15 minutes before their FIRST class to fill out insurance waivers, ask questions, and discuss any health concerns or particular areas of the body they would like to focus on in class. Classes cost $4 -$10, sliding scale. You will need to wear comfortable clothing. While yoga mats are welcome, the only equipment you will need are two large towels, a hand towel, and a bottle of water. We have yoga mats to borrow.

Meals in Motion

This ministry, which began in 2012, was created to provide meals for people within our parish who are having a ""major life event", such as a major medical issue or the birth of a child. Volunteers coordinate the scheduling, preparation and delivery of meals to those who are in need. If you would like to participate in this ministry, or if you know of someone who could benefit from meals, please contact Cheryl Crow.

The “Merry Widows”

The Pastoral Care Committee is extending its ministry to the bereaved in the parish family by sponsoring a widow's group. Recognizing how important it is to be ever so gentle, kind, loving and giving to ourselves and also how important laughter can be, the “Merry Widows” invite you to join them as they help one another share their loss. The group meets once a month in homes or at St. Mary's. If you would like to attend or learn more about the group, please call Helga Nagygyor, Jean Shirey, or Bingham+. 

Pastoral Care Team

St. Mary’s Church aims to offer a high standard of pastoral care through prayer and visitation. The primary mechanism for achieving this aim is the Pastoral Care Team, which currently has eight members consisting of clergy, Lay Eucharistic Visitors (licensed to take Communion into the community), and other members of the parish, including the team of deacons with related ministries and expertise.

Through its members, the Pastoral Care Team is committed to:
• Visit those who are sick or in hospital.
• Care for those who are recently bereaved.
• Care for those who are homebound.
• Care for those who are in prison.
• Stay connected to the Order of Saint Luke (which offers daily intercession for healing).
• Promote healthy living through the Parish Health Ministry.

A new Pastoral Care Project: As we discover in Scripture, personal stories are the path leading to our shared experience of faith. Our parish has been blessed by the work of the Rev. Nancy Crawford in compiling the World War II experiences of parish members and Steven Dorsey's personal memoir and guide, "As Shadows Lengthen: A Planning Guide for the the Children of Aging Parents." The Pastoral Care team would like to begin the process of putting together personal stories of parish members who have experienced the deaths of close loved ones. As a first step, we are asking for responses from you, youth and adults alike, telling us of your interest in being part of this project, using a word, call, or email, to Jean Shirey (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)), or the response form on the table in the narthex of the church. Necessary confidentiality will be observed at each step of the process. As the scope of the project develops, more information will appear in Sunday bulletins and the August Bellringer.

Requesting Prayer and Visitation
The success of Pastoral Care rests upon the commitment of team members and upon pastoral concerns being communicated to us. If you, or someone you know, desires personal prayer, home communion, ministration to the sick or the dying, or would simply benefit from a visit by someone on the Pastoral Care Team, please contact the Pastoral Care Team. Prayer request forms on the wall in the back office area may be placed in the “Completed Request Form Envelope.” If you feel called to be involved in an area of ministry which comes under the umbrella of Pastoral Care, please contact Fr. Bingham.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

What is a Prayer Shawl?

Can you touch a prayer? Can you pull it close and feel its comfort?

You can if it comes as a gift in the form of a Prayer Shawl.

Prayer Shawls are simple gifts of grace from God, prayerfully and lovingly handmade by a member of the Needle Arts Guild.

Purpose Statement

We reach out to those in need with a Prayer Shawl to comfort, console and strengthen our family of faith. A shawl may also be given in times of celebration. We want it to be a reminder of God’s promise that He is always with us.

The Significance of Three
The shawls are knitted or crocheted using a pattern of three. In the Christian faith, three symbolizes the Holy Trinity. It has come to mean wholeness. Many phases of life come in threes: birth/life/death, body/mind/spirit, and the encouragement of faith/hope/charity. There are three primary colors from which all other colors are made. May the rich colors used in these gifts of love serve as a reminder of the glorious colors of life with which our Creator has woven us together.

About the Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry at St. Mary’s is an active way to love and care for His people. A Prayer Shawl is a blend of prayers, talents, gifts and grace. As we knit or crochet, we pray for the recipients of the shawls. Through these shawls, we are all knit together by God’s guiding hands and love. Each shawl is formally blessed during a church service.

We meet as part of the St. Mary’s Needle Arts Guild on Thursdays from 1:00 - 3:00 PM and 5:30 - 7:00 PM in the Guild Room.

Members may participate without attending on a regular basis.

Order of St. Luke

The Order of St. Luke the Physician, also known as OSL, meets in the Guild Room on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 7:00 PM. On the first Tuesday of each month we have an intercessory prayer service and a study session during which we share books, articles, or thoughts on different aspects of the healing ministry. On the third Tuesday of each month we have a healing service, which includes Eucharist and the laying on of hands and anointing.

Members of the Order of St. Luke pray daily for people who desire intercessory prayer. We welcome any names of people for whom you desire healing prayer. We update our prayer list monthly, so we appreciate hearing from you about the progress of those people who you have submitted.


The Columbarium is an installation of niches for the placement of the ashes of parish members of St. Mary’s as well as members of their families. It is located in the rear wall of the Chapel. Niches can be purchased in advance or at the time of need. The $600 cost of an individual niche purchases the right to place ashes in a specific niche and covers the cost of a memorial plaque.

Under the leadership of the Rev. Deacon Nancy Crawford, St. Mary’s has established a practice of offering a service on Memorial Day each year to remember, celebrate, and honor those inurned in the Columbarium.

For more information about the Columbarium, please contact Nancy Crawford.

Jail Prison Ministry

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