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Every ministry - worship, outreach, pastoral care, education, & fellowship - relies on pledge income. Increases are necessary to sustain the ministries we have cultivated in 2016. We are asking renewing pledgers to increase by $8/month. Some can increase by more, some by less. Prayerfully consider what you can give.
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Why Pledge?

  • Out of Thanksgiving: People give in thanksgiving to God for all that God has already given them.
  • Out of Commitment to St. Mary’s: Pledging both signals and deepens one’s commitment to the church.
  • Because they have received: Many people give because they have received from our many ministries at St. Mary’s. What have you received from St. Mary’s?
  • For Spiritual Growth: People give in order to learn that it is more blessed to give than to receive and to control one’s money instead of letting it control them. 
  • Because St. Mary’s needs it: A strong budget is essential for the programs, staffing, building maintenance, and support that uphold the vital ministry we all do together.

How do I decide how much to give?

Consider Bingham's thoughts on pledging as a way to grow in your faith. We mailed out this spiritual letter at the beginning of the month.

Additionally, consider the materials we send out in our annual pledge mailing each October. You can contact the office for a copy of the current year mailing. 

Every ministry at St. Mary’s from worship, to education, to pastoral care, to fellowship, to outreach, relies on pledge income.  Increases in income are necessary to sustain the ministries we have cultivated in 2016. This year, we are asking current pledgers to increase by $8/month.


How to fulfill your pledge

Check: Make your check out to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and place it in the offertory plate at church, mail it to us (1300 Pearl Street, Eugene, Oregon 97401), or drop it in our safe in the workroom. 

Electronic Check: An electronic check goes directly from your checking account to ours. When signing up with your bank, please be sure to note that our mailing address is 1300 Pearl Street, Eugene, Oregon 97401. 

Cash: If you want to be credited for a cash donation, please put it in a marked envelope when putting it in the offertory plate, or drop it in our safe in the workroom, again, in a marked envelope. 

Credit Card: You can also donate to St. Mary’s with your credit card. To make a credit card payment, return to the Give page and click either the "One Time" or "Recurring" button; you will be taken to a secure transaction form supported by Stripe and MoonClerk. Unlike the other payment options, this option does include a fee assessed to St. Mary’s. Stripe charges St. Mary’s 2.9% of the amount donated + 30¢ per transaction. Please consider adding a bit more to your donation to offset the fees.