Family Night Shelter

As you have heard, there has been a major change to Family Night Shelter (FNS). Families no longer have to move from church to church because there is now a permanent place for them to stay. First Place Annex is located on the corner of West Amazon Parkway and Fox Hollow Road. All FNS services are offered on this new site.

This change is wonderful for the families, but does affect how the faith communities participate in this ministry. Rob Bressi had been helping us make this transition to the new model. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rob had to step back from this ministry. With our weeks coming up quickly, we needed to adjust what we can accomplish this session of FNS. We have been consulting with FNS about how best to move forward, knowing that we intend to participate fully in the fall.

For our upcoming weeks, we will provide meals on as many nights as possible during the weeks of April 29 and May 6 for approximately 20 families/60 people. There are still 6 days available for groups to minister to the families. A sign up sheet is on the table outside the Guild Room. You can cook in their kitchen or cook off-site and bring it in. The on-site kitchen is not as large as ours, so groups using their space should to be limited to 5 people to be most efficient. The St. Mary's kitchen is available sometimes as an alternative. We cannot do food acquisition this time, so your group will need to provide your own food this round. We hope to bring back food acquisition in the fall. If your group would like to still serve and clean up, you can, but cooking or dropping off meals is the most important thing. Consider gathering your St. Mary's ministry group or a group of friends.

Questions? Please contact Judy Alison, judy@saint-marys.org or 541-343-9253.

Local Partnerships For Addressing Your Carbon Footprint

If you have ever worried about your “carbon footprint” or wanted to support local ecological restoration, the new partnerships developed by St. Mary’s Earth Stewards will enable you to make a difference.

St. Mary’s Earth Stewards have previously provided education and encouragement around carbon offsets as one way to be stewards of God’s Creation, especially as it pertains to climate change. Carbon offsets are when an individual funds the implementation of an activity that leads to the sequestration/storage of atmospheric carbon to offset their lifestyle choices which release carbon into the atmosphere.

Recently, Earth Stewards looked into local options for counterbalancing carbon outputs, and began working with organizations to develop the necessary relationships. We agreed that the Long Tom Watershed Council (LTWC) and McKenzie River Trust (MRT) would be the two most appropriate organizations (due to geographic overlap, mission, efficacy, capacity, etc.). As a result of these relationships, the Faith Community-Long Tom Carbon Planting Fund and a similar fund at the McKenzie River Trust, were created and will support activities and materials for planting, plant establishment (maintenance of plantings), and plant conservation in the Long Tom Watershed Council’s service area and provide much needed local match funding for the council’s important work in the watershed. Trees, shrubs, and other plants have the ability to absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere. Planting and maintaining trees serves to address concerns for many people about their carbon footprint.* Both organizations have set up pages on their websites dedicated to these funds, which allow St. Mary’s and other faith community members to donate to these funds. We will also have donation slips with the organizations mailing addresses available at St. Mary’s as well. You can find McKenzie River Trust's page here: www.mckenzieriver.org/faith-community-fund/ and Long Tom Watershed Council's page here: www.longtom.org/faithcommunityfund/

Saturday Breakfast

Second & fourth Saturday of every month starting at 9:30 AM
St. Mary's feeds between 180 and 330 people a filling breakfast in a friendly manner. So far, in 2017 we average 269 guests a breakfast. All of the people we feed are our guests. Some at the breakfast help regularly in the kitchen. Others help with tables and chairs. Many are veterans. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Food for Lane County contributes significant food for the breakfasts; and St. Mary’s provides and maintains the space needed to cook and host this large breakfast. St. Mary’s also budgets a monthly amount to cover some of the costs of other food needed.  In addition to these generous contributions and the work of about 40 volunteers at each breakfast, additional donations are needed each year to purchase food. Click on the "donate" button below to donate to the Saturday Breakfast.

That’s My Farmer

St. Mary’s supports local farmers through Lane County Interfaith That’s My Farmer Community supported Agriculture (CSA) and Low Income Fund program.

The sale of Farmer Bucks encourages parishioners to eat fresh, locally produced food while donations to the Low Income CSA Fund help others to do the same.

Earth Stewards

We are a group of members who are concerned about lowering energy use and costs both for individual families and the church and thus helping to preserve our environment for future generations. We have put on programs to help our parishioners be better stewards of God's creation by reducing their carbon footprint, reducing their waste, and living more simply. We have helped the church become more "green" with various efforts such as green solutions on building upgrades, implementing compost, using recycled material, and upgrading to "green" cleaning materials. For all of these efforts, in 2013, we received a BRING Recycling RE:Think Business Certification and also the Environmental Award at Diocesan Convention.


This is the ECW Christmas stocking project, chaired by Deacon Nancy Crawford. A sewing party to make the stockings from donated fabric is held at the church in November and with the help of many parishioners, young and old, approximately 170 stockings are made, filled, and distributed. Many people are blessed by this ministry, from the fillers and the receivers to the caseworkers who presented the stockings to delighted parents for their children.

United Thank Offering

United Thank Offering is an ingathering taken annually at churches throughout the Diocese and is our chance to give thanks for our blessings through giving. The money is used to create projects around the world that care for the poor.

Jail/Prison Ministry

Jail/Prison Ministry provides an opportunity for Christians to live their faith by helping prisoners while incarcerated and to return to the community.

Missionary Work

Bob and Joyce Carlson – Wycliffe Bible Translators: Members of St. Mary’s since 1982, Bob and Joyce Carlson continue to spend most of their time in Africa as part of Wycliffe Bible Translators non-denominational missionary team. Bob has recently completed the translation of the New Testament into the Supyire It has been published and distributed to speakers of this Senoufo language in Farakala, Mali.

Joyce continues to assist Bob and to work on her own literacy project - a cultural anthropological study of children’s school enrollment and education and its place in the social structure and of the Malian family.

The birthday and anniversary money that is put in the small wooden church on the first Sunday of every month is an offering that is given to the Carlsons’ ministry. Additional gifts of support are accepted throughout the year.

To keep up with the Carlsons, check out their website: http://www.askingfortheroad.com/

FISH (Friends in Service to Humanity)

Every Sunday a large wicker basket of food is taken up the aisle to be blessed during the 9:30 AM service. The donations of food go to the FISH Food Cupboard located at Trinity United Methodist Church.