Our ministry is changing the world, one person at a time. Your financial gifts make that happen. When you give, you may donate to our endowment fund, to strengthen our financial security for years to come; to our building fund, to prepare for costly repairs or improvements; or to our general fund. Many choose to donate in memory of a loved one, in thanksgiving for blessings, or simply to ensure the financial strength of St. Mary’s. Thank you for your support. Read Bingham's thank you included in the 1st Quarter Giving Statements. If you give to St. Mary’s, thank you! If haven’t given yet, we always welcome new gifts.

3 Ways To Give

How to fulfill your pledge

Check: Make your check out to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and place it in the offertory plate at church, mail it to us (1300 Pearl Street, Eugene, Oregon 97401), or drop it in our safe in the workroom. 

Electronic Check: An electronic check goes directly from your checking account to ours. When signing up with your bank, please be sure to note that our mailing address is 1300 Pearl Street, Eugene, Oregon 97401. 

Cash: If you want to be credited for a cash donation, please put it in a marked envelope when putting it in the offertory plate, or drop it in our safe in the workroom, again, in a marked envelope. 

Credit Card: You can also donate to St. Mary’s with your credit card. To make a credit card payment, click either the "One Time" or "Recurring" button above; you will be taken to a secure transaction form supported by Stripe and MoonClerk. Unlike the other payment options, this option does include a fee assessed to St. Mary’s. Stripe charges St. Mary’s 2.9% of the amount donated + 30¢ per transaction. Please consider adding a bit more to your donation to offset the fees.

Securities (Stocks, Bonds, etc.)

When you give securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) you not only receive a charitable deduction for their full fair market value, but also avoid tax on the capital gain for stocks held longer than one year.  Contact our Finance and Records Manager, Lana Johnson, at or 541-343-9253 to let her know which securities you will be donating to St. Mary’s, and ensure that you get the full tax deduction.  Stocks must be transferred to Charles Schwab DTC #0164, account #7071-2882.  Usually it takes several days to complete this transfer, so don’t wait until the last minute.


You can earn money for St. Mary's while you shop, at no additional charge to you! This eScrip link will bring you directly to St. Mary's page on eScrip. You just need to log-in or sign-up. Then start shopping online! Or sign up and link your credit card so that every time you use that card at Market of Choice they give a portion of what you spent back to St. Mary's. There's even an app now! Check it all out and start earning extra dollars for St. Mary's!

Planned Giving

Throughout our lives we care for our children, grandchildren, and other loved ones. Likewise, we wish the activities and organizations in which we truly believe to survive and thrive, so we make pledges and contributions from monthly income. 

A bequest, whether given during your lifetime or after death, can provide for the future and stability of St. Mary’s while hopefully bringing a tax deduction to you.

Here are some of the ways you can give to St. Mary’s:

  • In your Will.

  • Life Insurance, whether as the owner of a policy or as the beneficiary.

  • Appreciated securities (St. Mary’s receives the full value of the securities and you can avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation).

  • Cash gift or pledge to the Endowment Fund.

  • Appreciated property: retirement accounts, real estate or tangible personal property.

  • In your family Trust.

If you are considering any of these gifts, professional guidance is essential.  If you would like some help, please call the office and someone from the Planned Giving committee will contact you.  The information here is not intended to provide legal advice or tax counseling. St. Mary’s recommends that you consult your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor for professional advice. Our tax id# is 93-0421473.

The Endowment Fund is professionally managed, currently by the Oregon Community Foundation, to preserve and grow the principal while providing a steady source of income to supplement pledges