Contemplative Prayer

Contemplation: Finding the Eternal in Daily Life

Someone I know recently told me something that Ram Das said: "If you ever begin to think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your family."

This suggestion speaks to the dynamic within prayer and contemplation that is challenged by daily life….. the natural conflicts that occur, the intermittent chaos, sprinklings of upheaval, anxiety and fear about security in its many forms,

Introducing a New Contemplative Prayer Offering

A new service called Contemplative Prayer will soon be offered at St. Mary’s on a monthly basis. Many people meditate regularly for short periods and some participate in retreats lasting a day or longer. However, there appears to be an interest in something in between involving an extended period of time for meditation. To meet this need a two-hour monthly block of time will be available at St. Mary’s beginning in March of this year. Here are the main planning details: