Addressing the Carbon Footprint of our Youth Pilgrimage


Yes, and as they fly, bus and train their way through their journey, they are adding to their carbon footprint. So, what to do?

In January, Len Hockley and Dick Zeller, members of the Earth Stewards committee, met with the pilgrims and discussed how to determine their carbon footprints and how they could mitigate the effects of their trip. They decided to make the offsetting of their carbon footprint part of their Sponsor-a-Pilgrim fundraiser, allowing parishioners to give to St. Mary’s Faith Community Fund. These funds are donated to the McKenzie River Trust and Long Tom Watershed Council to use in their restoration work, especially to plant trees. The pilgrims determined, with the help of Len and Dick, that $30 per pilgrim, for a total of $420, would be the appropriate amount to contribute to the fund.

One donor gave the entire $420, and others added to that fund for a total of $480. In addition, as part of their work with the pilgrims, the Earth Stewards committee had committed to matching the $420. So, the grant total that will be donated to the Faith Community Fund is $900. We hope to be able to present the actual check to representatives from the McKenzie River Trust and the Long Tom Watershed Council at an event this fall.

You, too, can contribute to the Faith Community Fund to help preserve and recreate our beautiful natural areas, and help reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. Brochures describing the fund are in the narthex. (An added note: St. Mary’s Faith Community Fund was used as a model for a similar fund for the whole city of Corvallis.)