All Humans are Inherently Leaders

Leadership is an inherent human characteristic. The most basic definition of leader is someone who makes things go well around them. This means that if you are in any situation, no matter how simple, and you make something go well, you are leading.

Let me give you some simple examples. You are at the grocery store, and a parent drops a can of corn, and cannot pick it up because they are holding a baby. You pick up the can, give it to them, and say something kind to them, making the baby smile. By my definition, you have just performed a small act of leadership.

Another example: you sit down at the family dinner table, and encourage each person to speak about their day, and you encourage everyone else to listen. You make sure every person has a chance to speak, including yourself. You have practiced being a leader. You have seen to it that something goes well for other humans.

Leadership is organizing other human intelligences with one’s own, for the purpose of liberation, justice, and other activities to make things go well in the world. Christian leadership has the added dimension of willingness to open to God’s movement in our lives, and giving others the permission to do the same.

At St. Mary’s, we want to offer the opportunity for each person who wants to be in at least one small group. I have found that what makes small groups go well over time is encouragement and support of leadership. Any person who is interested in making things go better around themselves, from regular suppers with other parishioners to solving the world’s biggest challenges, will benefit from being with others who are interested in the same.

Please join me and your friends for our monthly leadership training and support group. The next group will meet Sunday, October 21, 4-6 PM in the Guild Room. All are welcome.

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