Listening Hearts - Small Group Leadership Training

Small Group Leadership Training

Sunday April 22

3 to 5 PM in Berktold Hall


One of our five-year goals at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is to have a small group available to anyone who would like one. Small groups are places where people practice listening to God and to each other in order to discern God’s presence and movement in our lives and community.


Leadership is a valuable tool for making small groups go well. I define a leader as a person who helps a group of people achieve an agreed-upon goal by sticking to its own guidelines. A goal can be as simple as planning a menu for a community meal, or as complex as discerning God’s purpose for our lives.


A leader helps the group discern its goal, obtains agreement about the goal, proposes guidelines about how to get to the goal, and then sees the particular project through, reminding the group when it strays from the goal or the guidelines.


All of us can benefit from on-going leadership training, because we all want to make our lives go better, in small and large ways.


Some people easily think of themselves as leaders. Others do not feel they could possibly lead. In my experience, we are all potential leaders, with the right support and practice.


This leadership training is for you if you:

¨ Already function as a leader at St. Mary’s in any capacity, such as organizing events or services.

¨ Feel called to start a small group at St. Mary’s.

¨ Want to support leadership at any level at St. Mary’s.

¨ Are curious how leadership skills can make your life go better and get you closer to God and others.


Please join me Sunday, April 22, 3 to 5 PM, Berktold Hall.

The Rev. Christine Marie Small Group Ministry Developer