Three-Month Discernment Group for Small Groups Ministry to Begin February 24

At St. Mary’s, we want to offer the opportunity for each person who wants one to be in a small group that meets regularly. A small group could be a place where you find and get closer to other parishioners who share some of your spiritual interests and goals. A small group can be a place where you learn more about yourself, God, and others.

I anticipate there will be many types of groups at St. Mary’s, including support groups, study groups, prayer groups, spiritual direction groups, and groups for various practices. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Many people have expressed an interest in belonging to a small group, but do not know where to begin. In 2019, we are offering several cycles of 3-month discernment groups for people who want to explore the possibilities.

This new discernment group is open to anyone who:

  • Is exploring the practice of taking turns and listening deeply to God and to each other.

  • Wants to decide whether they are being called to lead or organize a small group.

  • Is discerning what kind of group they would like to participate in and make happen.

The first meeting of the group will be Sunday, February 24. All are welcome. The second and third meetings will be at the end of March and May, for people from this first meeting who commit to further discernment.

Please join me Sunday, February 24, from 4 to 6 PM in the Guild Room, and bring a friend!

Questions? Contact me at